Big Eye Dummies are made for people who love big eyes
and dummies, and enjoy mixing the two together, because
they know deep in their heart that DUMB IS FUN.

Big Eye Dummies are created and designed in New
York City by David Lipson, a dumdum himself since
the 2nd grade (See photo, right), and a professional
Animation Producer and Director who has worked
on TV shows such as Word World (PBS),

The Venture Bros. (Cartoon Network), Lizzie McGuire (Disney Channel), and TV Funhouse on Saturday Night Live (NBC).

Big Eye Dummies are unique because they are filled with fluffy stuffing instead of rocks, and each doll comes with two sets of interchangeable eyes and mouths.

Big Eye Dummies are made with fabric that is so soft, it reminds you of boxes full of puppies and kittens, and the happiest times you ever had in your whole entire life, and are made in China under carefully supervised quality control.

Big Eye Dummies are for sale at locations such as specialty toy and gift stores, high-end children's boutiques, design gift shops, and museum stores.

Independent laboratories in America test all products, and comply with the European and American Toy Safety Standards (EN-71,ASTM F963).

Big Eye Dummies are recommended for children ages 2 to immature adults.



Big Eye Dummies
Designer Plush Dolls with Interchangeable Eyes and Mouths

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